Deal Terms Reimagined: How Martini is changing the game

September 18, 2020

Imagine this:

You are an investor, and your lawyer is asking you for a catch-up. How would you like to spend your 45 minutes over Zoom?

Option A: 

Talk about some big deals he/she recently closed and bond with each other over Apple’s viral #wfh video or the Guardian's article that was 100% generated by AI: GPT-3.

Option B: 

Let he/she walk you through past deals, so that you know: 

  • On Project Ace: lock-up period is ending in 2 months; 
  • On Project Buffalo: you can now force a trade sale;
  • On Project Cactus: you only need one co-investor’s consent to exercise drag along rights due to recent changes to the company’s cap table.

... and still bond over Apple’s #wfh video or Guardian's robot article.

You should utilise every minute spent with your lawyer on legal analysis. Let them provide you with new insights into past transactions, and save the time talking about billables or the next million dollar deal in the pipeline.

Time is always of the essence.

So next time when you jump on a call with your lawyer, ask for new insights. Or take the better option that will take seconds, not a meeting.

Here comes Martini

Martini stands for M&A Review Tool Instant Insights. It turns investment agreements into structured data to provide investment firms with insights, in seconds. You can save your 45 minutes and have all the insights from Option B in just a few clicks.

If you are an investment firm looking to accelerate your deal processes, reduce your legal fees and get insights on your present and future investments, then Martini is for you!

Join us on our journey. We are looking for design partners!

Let's shape the future of M&A together! Reach out to:!

Yero Niamadio

Driven by a love for tech innovation and zealousness for economic development, Yero is passionate about all things startups, venture investments, and youth entrepreneurship. Occasionally passing as a professional Scrabble player on weekends, he loves languages and was once a radio host. Formerly lived and worked in Dakar, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, London and New York.